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Globall Life is a consulting service provider for professional athletes coming towards the end of their careers. Our goal is to help with the difficult transition to life after pro sports.



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- Sport Management

- Sport Marketing & Sponsorship

- Football Business

Are you a (former) athlete, recent graduate and/or active professional and want to continue your education?
Register now for our online information session on August 25th at 3pm (CET) and we will explain all the possibilities offered in our online portfolio. From masters to specialized courses in #SportManagement, #SportMarketing, #SportSponsorship and #FootballBusiness.

In this information session, we will discuss with Lukas Dorda, Online Learning Manager and Ozana Marginean, program advisor at Johan Cruyff Institute, the Online Academic Portfolio: different academic areas (sport management, sport marketing, sport sponsorship and football business), academic itineraries of the programs, objectives, learning methodology, study plans, admission requirements, selection criteria and job opportunities. Participants will also be able to solve any doubts or ask any questions they might have. Additionally, our alumnus and special guest Dennis Horn, who studied the Master in Sport Management Online, will talk to us about his study experience in detail.

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Your guide to the next stage of your life.



       As I transitioned Globall Life played a vital role in my preparation. It provided CV building direction, interview preparation and most importantly inspiration to walk a new path without fear of the unknown. Im forever grateful and can honestly say I’m better prepared for Corporate America more today than I was yesterday with the guidance of Globall Life.


Globall Life was a great resource when I was looking for summer job in between seasons, they helped me with a CV that got me noticed and I was hired!


         I’m thankful Globall Life helped me out with the changes needed for my CV. It was very outdated and needed some life put into it. I’ve been playing basketball for the last 9 years internationally, and was transitioning to go back to school and work in America. Globall Life gave me all the guidance I needed to make me feel confident enough to take that step. If you ever need help with your career, this is the route to go! 


Our Partners

the future is financial freedom.

YW Tech Consulting

YW Tech Consulting

Collaborating with our clients to create a path towards the future.

Cruyff Institute

Cruyff Institute

Educating the next generation of Leaders in Sport Management.



Lifelong access to an elite society that provides mentorship and resources that guide athletes through their personal, professional, and athletic journeys.

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